After killing the headphone jack, Apple next’s brave project is a wearable glass headset

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Apple will soon enter the wearable glass headsets market with its own product, according to a report on Bloomberg. Reportedly, Apple is in talks with potential suppliers about making a wearable glass headset which will leverage augmented reality and project images to the eye.

According to the Bloomberg report, Apple has ordered a small number of near-eye displays apparently for testing. They are not enough for large scale production, indicating that the headset is still in early development.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, in the face of dwindling iPhone sales last quarter said the company will look to invest more in augmented reality.

This comes after Google decided to euthanize its own wearable headset, the Google Glass which couldn’t garner much appeal to the masses. Although it received a lot of attention, the awkward design and concerns for privacy augmented by a high price cause the device to fail in the market.

However, Snapchat, which has now rebranded itself to Snap launched its own funky AR sunglasses which allows users to take Snapchat clicks using the spectacles was launched amidst much fanfare. In all likelihood, Apple will look to position its wearable glass headset more in terms of Snap’s AR shades than the geeky Google Glass.