Apple iPhone 7: Our 5 point wish-list for September 7

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The iPhone is many things, but as time has passed by and the competition has caught up, it isn’t the paragon of mobile computing it was say a couple of years ago. It still remains close to being the most complete package, but now that can also be said of the Samsung Galaxy S7. For the iPhone to maintain its lead, on September 7, Apple will need to show-off a device which functionally is the best in the business. So here’s our wish-list for Apple.

1. The biggest issue with the iPhone is the battery life. I was an iPhone 6 user, and when I purchased the 6S, I bought the plus model out of the need of better battery life. That happened, but it wasn’t a life changing experience. Now on cheap Android phones like the Xiaomi Redmi 3S I have experienced battery life which lasts two days at times. I am not asking for miracles, but I want an iPhone that lasts me more than 12 hours on a single charge under heavy usage and also charges at a rapid pace, something again, the iPhone sucks at. The rumours say Apple is increasing the size by a sliver, but we’re hoping that converts to a big jump in longevity.

2. More memory from the base-model of the iPhone is a given. 16GB for a phone that cost more than Rs 50,000 at launch is daylight robbery, especially considering the capabilities of the device. Rumours point towards a 32GB base model, but there are also possibilities of a 256GB model. There is only good news out here.

3. Water resistance is something Apple hasn’t provided ever with the iPhone, however, its closest rival Samsung has taken the lead in this space with the Galaxy S7. It is high time Apple caught up and offered a phone that could survive tumble down the crapper or could be used while swimming. Chances are this demand of ours will come true this year.

4. With the trailblazing Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7, Apple has fallen behind Samsung in the battle for the best camera phone in the market. Traditionally, Apple has always maintained an edge over Android smartphones in this area, but now even a phone like the Huawei P9 produces better photos than the iPhone, particularly in low-light. The iPhone 7 has to change this. Chances are this will happen as the two iPhone models have been rumoured to get a massive camera update that include a bigger and brighter lens on the smaller iPhone 7 and a dual camera setup on the iPhone 7 Plus.

5. The one thing that has polarised opinion about the iPhone 7 is that it’s going to lack the 3.5mm jack which is an universal standard for headphones. Now, chances are people are over-reacting as most people anyway use the ‘EarPods’ Apple ships with the phone, but the one thing that I do fear is that Apple may not bundle a ‘lightning to 3.5mm’ adaptor in the box itself which would make any earphone or headphone that your already own unuseable out of the box. Now that should be avoided at all costs.