Apple iPhone 7 unsurprisingly decimates Galaxy Note 7 in speed test

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Yesterday, Bloomberg reported how Samsung’s top echelon pushed the launch of the ‘innovative’ Galaxy Note 7 to release earlier than the ‘dull’ and not-so-innovative iPhone 7. Now we all know how that exploded in the face for Samsung. But it seems it is not just the batteries that are setting back the success of the Galaxy Note 7. It is the Note 7 itself.

In its bid to take advantage of Apple’s so-called weakness of not pushing for big innovations, Samsung thought it could jam the best available hardware with a bright curved screen along with an iris scanner and other gimmicks and finally stop those Apple fanboys from claiming how Samsung copies from Apple.

But then the iPhone 7 released finally bringing water resistance and putting the fastest processor ever seen on an Apple device. And even with having an apparent inferior hardware setup, the iPhone 7 started obliterating the Galaxy Note 7 in almost all fronts.

On Sunday, YouTube channel EverythingApplePro released a waterproofing showdown between the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy S7. For starters, the iPhone 7 comes with an inferior IP67 water resistance rating, while the Galaxy S7 as well as the Galaxy Note 7 comes with an IP68 rating. This means, on paper the Samsung phones should last longer under water. But guess what? The exact opposite occurred.

When both the phones were submerged 35 feet under the river Thames in a specially built contraption, the iPhone 7 just refused to drown while the Galaxy S7 gave up after five minutes. Based on the IP67 rating, the iPhone 7 should have died after being submerged in 1 meter of water for 5 minutes, but even after 10 meters, the iPhone 7 was running just the same. But the Galaxy S7 and in extension the Note 7 has an IP68 rating which means it should survive 1.5 meters of depth for five minutes.

While both phones outdo their water resistance rating, the iPhone 7 edges out the Galaxy S7 despite having a lower rating.

Now, coming to the speed, Apple has used the fastest chip it has ever produced on the iPhone 7. The Apple A10 chip is faster than the A9X chip found on the iPad Pro and it shows. On the other hand, the Note 7 uses Samsung’s Exynos 8890 chip which is supposed to be blazing fast as well, if not faster. But real world tests show something quite different.

YouTube channel PhoneBuff has pegged the iPhone 7 against the Galaxy Note 7 in a performance and speed test. The channel’s David Rahimi tests out both phones by calculating the time they took to open apps and run them, including graphics intensive games and streaming services.

Not so surprisingly, the Note 7 lagged and stuttered when it came to opening games like Asphalt 8, Angry Birds and even Subway Surfer. The iPhone 7 could load and get them ready for use much faster.

The final results noted that the iPhone 7 finished opening every app twice before the Note 7 could even finish the first round of loading them.

And it’s not just the iPhone 7 that obliterates the Note 7 in terms of speed. Flagship killer One Plus 3 also slays Samsung’s newest beast with superior memory management and the Snapdragon 820 processor.

YouTube tech channel C4ETech pegged the Note 7 against the OnePlus 3 and while the Note 7 could open apps quicker in the first round, when it came to opening apps stored in memory, the One Plus 3 triumphed by a good 30 seconds.

What I mean to say by putting in these arguments is that it doesn’t matter how much hardware you cram into a device. If it doesn’t harmonize well with the software, all of it is just bling on paper with nothing to show for in the real world. Samsung tried to pull one through but came crashing down. Here’s hoping they learnt a lesson and doesn’t repeat the same with the upcoming Galaxy S8.