Google Duo has toppled Pokemon Go on Android Playstore

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Google’s video-calling app Duo has finally managed to topple the undisputed king of smartphone apps this year, Pokemon Go in the Android Playstore.

Just a week into the public launch of the video-calling app, Duo has climbed to the No. 2 spot on Playstore’s list of most downloaded free apps, dethroning Pokemon Go which held the position ever since it released with massive interest across the world for the game. Incidentally, it is yet to release in a lot of countries including India.

Facebook Messenger, though, still remains unchallenged at the No. 1 spot in the Playstore ranking, which recently celebrated 1 billion downloads worldwide.

The Duo app is Google’s answer to Apple’s own video-calling service FaceTime. Packed in a minimalist design, Duo has also been garnering a lot of attention in Apple’s own backyard, the iTunes Store.

It rose to No.22 among all free apps and No.4 in the free social networking app category, according to app discovery website AppShopper.

What makes Google Duo unique is the feature that lets an user see a live video of the caller before he picks up the call. Google calls this feature ‘knock, knock.’

The app is being praised for its extremely minimalist design, focusing only on video calling. It has also received its fair amount of criticism for not including an option to send messages while in the call, something which Google Hangouts and all other video-calling apps have.

Duo requires only the user’s phone number to connect the call, just like Apple’s FaceTime.

The high rankings in the app stores goes on to prove that Google has played its cards right. By going the minimalist way, Google has offered a video-calling alternative that is completely hassle-free to use.

Now if only the company releases the other app promised this year in I/O, Allo, that’d be just great!