Google Now is getting an ‘Explore Interests’ feature in new update.

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During I/O 2012, when Google first unveiled its voice-based digital assistant Google Now, the company promised it will bring people search results before they even searched for them. Google has been inching closer to realizing this dream with every new update to the Google Now app.

According to a tipster, a new update is coming to the Now app which will allow users to set specific interests to get updates about, directly from Google as Now cards.

The tipster has sent Android Police four screenshots that show an ‘Explore Interests’ page which allegedly will be a new way to keep track of various interests.

Interests are varied and numerous. You can ask Google to update you on specific people including sports personalities, celebrities, politicians, etc. Know when the latest season of your favorite TV show is airing and read the reviews of the latest movies. You can also keep track of stocks.

All and every update to the selected category will come up as a Now card on Google Now.

What’s so great about this new feature is that after setting it up, you can stay updated about almost anything directly within the Google app, without even searching for it.

The Google Now update seems to be a precursor to Google’s much ambitious Google Assistant, its answer to Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. The Google assistant allows users to have natural language conversation with the app, much like the other digital assistants. Not much is known about the new feature as of yet, but it will first show up in two new products: Google Home and Allo.

Before this, Google had updated its Google Now On Tap feature, which is the flagship feature of Android Marshmallow, with the option of instant translation. Highlight the text and summon Google Now with a tap and you will see a translate option in the menu that pops up.