Google PhotoScan transforms printed photos into high-quality digital copies

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Before the advent of smartphones, photos were printed on actual papers. If you too have age-old printed photographs at home, Android as well as iOS users can preserve these forever using PhotoScan by Google Photos. Wondering how? Well, this new free tool can help you to turn printed photos into high-quality digital copies.

David Lieb, the Product Lead for Google Photos, whose team developed PhotoScan, said, “Unlike digital photos, printed photos tend to showcase more important moments, as people were more choosy about which pictures to take because of the price of film and prints. But it’s very likely that you’ll lose these photos permanently.”

According to Google, there are near about three trillions of printed photos existing in the world today. And via PhotoScan, Google is trying to bring these photographs online.

Using Google PhotoScan app you straight away head towards the smartphone camera’s viewfinder. Then, you could see four white dots. Simply take your smartphone over each dot by moving it a bit. This will enable Google to click multiple shots of the photo from different angles. Once done, PhotoScan stitches those images together to give you a single photgraph.

What is more interesting is that the app also automatically rotates the image, aligns it and removes the background, as revealed in a Tech Crunch report. Moreover, if you wish to enhance the look of your image, you can add a few tweaks using image editor. The photograph will be saved to your smartphone’s image gallery so that you can share it with your friends and family.