Google Playstore is apparently streaming game demos for paid games

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Everyone prefers to try out something you want, before paying for it first. It’s the same with Android games which has a price-tag attached to it. And Google is kind enough to let you have a sneek-peek into that game you think you should cough up some cash for.

Google PlayStore is now reportedly providing streamed app trials. Android Police reports games like Ticket to Ride can be streamed to your device without even downloading the entire installation package. You can new decide if you want to pay for a game by first trying it out.

The streamed trial supports 10 minutes of gameplay for games that carry the ‘Try Now’ button on their pages. But when he checked a few paid games in the app store, we couldn’t find a game with the ‘Try Now’ badge with it. Even Ticket to Ride. So it’s possible Google is testing out the feature with a Beta version.

While there’s no news as to when Google will roll out these game demos, it seems yet another of Google’s promise from the I/O 2016 conference is coming true. Instant Apps. Apps that doesn’t get fully downloaded on your device, but are streamed over the internet. Instant Apps don’t need to be installed on your devices. You can start using them right from the download page in the Play Store.

Google also unveiled it’s first truly homegrown smartphones, the Pixel and Pixel XL along with a
smart Wi-Fi router that can encompass your entire house with its network, the Daydream View VR headset made out of soft microfibers that are probably the most comfortable headset ever released; and the Google Home, the smart home speaker that has the answer to almost everything you throw at it.

(Image: Android Police)