Google To Produce A Non-Nexus Phone Later This Year

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A new report has indicated that Google will be looking to tap into the fragmented Android market by manufacturing a non-Nexus smartphone for certain markets.

Google could finally get into manufacturing its own smartphone according to a new report. We’ve already seen great results with the Pixel C, which is one of the first mobile devices to be designed and manufactured by Google. The report mentions that Google will produce a new smartphone by the end of this year, which will set an example to other OEMs on how to produce a non-Nexus smartphone and provide timely updates.

This is where things get a little confusing as Google already does this with the Nexus devices. The report however makes it very clear that this won’t be a Nexus smartphone. Instead, it will be a Google-made handset, with an array of Google services and apps bundled. It is possible that this will be an extension of the Android One program.

Google recently hired ex-Moto President Rick Osterloh to head up a new hardware division, which has given speculation that a new device lineup could be kickstarted by the Mountain View giant. This new revelation goes along nicely with that. This Google made phone would not be a Nexus phone, at least in theory, but will have the same perks and benefits.

The report comes from an analyst report, so Google is yet to confirm or deny any of this. We expect more details to emerge on this front soon.

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