Google’s High-Flying Project Loon To Have Its Pilot Run In India

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Google’s Project Loon, the hot-air balloon which brings the power of internet to remote places, is all set to do a pilot run in India, after successful trials in Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Brazil and the U.S.

The search giant had been hard at work to get the ambitious project off the ground, but getting consent from the relevant government department had literally been a pain, with many thinking a hot-air balloon let loose might compromise national security of the country.

The company found a hurdle among other wireless carriers as well, with them objecting to the usage of unlicensed spectrum by Google over concerns of interference with the cellular network. Also the fact that Google wants the public to access the network for free, isn’t helping either.

Even though the government has reportedly given the nod to the project, the project will get a very limited space to conduct the trial. A period of four days is given with the location either in Andhra Pradesh or Maharashtra. The finding of the ideal spot, however, will ultimately lie with the NIC (National Informatics Center).

Google plans to provide internet connectivity to those places that don’t fall under the cellular spectrum by transmitting signal from wireless routers installed in high-altitude hot-air balloons, that will fly in the stratosphere, 20 kms above the sea-level.