[Infographic] Take A Look At India’s Top Internet Scams

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We are not averse to the idea of more Indians using the Internet, but what scares the shit out of us is the fact that most fellow countrymen do it in an unsafe way. They click on any random links or stories that hit their inbox or social media handles and become a victim of internet scams that aim to infiltrate consumers’ personal information. Top three scams that most of Indians face on a regular basis are: work from homefraud, lottery scams and fake bank email scam, reveals Telenor India’s latest Internet Scams study.

A startling revelation done by this study was that among people subjected to an online scam in India, 90% have lost money; the loss is higher than what our neighbours in other Asian countries have lost to email scams. This means, regionally the average financial loss per person is Rs 681,070 ($9900 USD), but alarmingly in India the average loss was Rs 819,000 ($12,000 USD). This clearly indicates that Indians are more susceptible to Internet scam. The infographic below reveals this and many more interesting insights that would helps Indians safeguard themselves against Internet scams. Take a look.