Microsoft is literally bribing people to use its Edge browser

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Microsoft debuted its Edge browser with Windows 10, replacing its often-trolled Internet Explorer to come with terms with the other more powerful browsers on the market- Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

But even after coming pre-installed for almost a year, it seems nobody is really ready to ditch either Chrome or Firefox and migrate to Edge, despite it being just as efficient.

Near about three quarters of Windows 10 users are not using Microsoft Edge, in spite its default browser tag. It also has a global market share of just about 5 per cent.

So what is Microsoft doing to address this definite lack of interest? Putting money where its mouth is, of course.

Microsoft is now paying users to make the jump to its Edge browsers.

Announced last week, Microsoft rewards will clock points every time you use the Edge browser, Bing and the Microsoft Store.

The points can be redeemed for vouchers or for credits in Amazon, Starbucks, Skype and the likes.

One also has to make Bing their default search engine, to avail the points program.

Codenamed Project Spartan, Microsoft Edge replaces its popular Internet Explorer, which received a lot of flak in its later days for its laggy interface and hilariously desperate attempts to become the default browser of people’s computers.

As compared to that, Edge is much more, so to say, ‘edgier’, with a completely new design and a host of nifty features like a reading-mode and OneDrive integration.

Microsoft rewards is the rebranding of Bing Rewards, which Microsoft was using to get people to use its search engine. Now, it has extended the umbrella to include Edge and Microsoft Store as well.

The program is available only in the United State however with no news of it ever making it to this side of the world. If it did though, Microsoft sure will gain a lot of users (even if temporary), who will use the browser just to rake up a few points!