OnePlus Silver Bullet earphones review: Affordable yes, but could have been better

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The business model of selling phone these days is way different to what it used to be years ago. While in the past, we used to get earphones along with the phone, today that’s brands are selling phones without this accessory.

The trend has begun only recently, and now we are seeing the likes of Xiaomi and OnePlus retailing mobile earphones separately.
We recently got the OnePlus Silver Bullet affordable pair plugs, which after the Xiaomi Mi Pistons, is another option available for under Rs 1,000 right now.

What is it?

A pair of quality headphones from the makers of OnePlus One smartphone.

Who is it for?

Priced at Rs 899, OnePlus Silver Bullet earphones are meant for people who want quality sound within a pocket-friendly budget.


OnePlus brand is renowned for its craftsmanship and Silver Bullet is no different.

We like the texture used on the part which is to be worn by the user, but not so impressed with the quality of wires. However, with these earphones, we enjoyed our music in a relaxed manner without facing any discomfort.

As per the company, its casing is built of brushed aluminum and wires can survive twisting 30,000 times; but we’re not sure. The finishing and quality of wires left us a lot to desire, especially when you talk about quality. All in all there is enough to suggest that Silver Bullet is a OnePlus product, only if they could have given us stronger product finishing.

Sound performance

Now comes the business part of having/buying earphones, the sound it offers. Silver Bullet (S.B) has all the ingredients to your all-time music companion, but not right now. S.B offers equal blend of bass and vocals but the level of bass is quite mediocre with vocals becoming prominent in this process.

Play a creed track or just tune in for some bass thump and the S.B goes missing to the levels that one prefers in this genre. However, a Clapton fan or a Jazz enthusiast wouldn’t mind owning these. Overall, my bias for bass could be showing up with S.B, but for pure vocal and acoustic listeners, here’s a decent pair for your ears.

The good

Nicely built
Crisp sounds

The bad

Wire quality
Lack of pure bass

To buy or not

Now comes the answer to your most important question and here’s our take on the OnePlus Silver Bullet. Call it the OnePlus One effect but the standards already set by the brand aren’t truly replicated in their earphones. It’s been given the typical OnePlus finishing touch, but where you praised the Sandstone black quality, we have nothing much to talk about the quality of wires. For Rs 899 it’s a good option, but definitely not the best. Who can feel good wearing them? If you’re into light music with preference for vocals then it has a crisp touch to it (with hint of sound echo visible) but for bass folks, this One is clearly not the one.