Sun King Pro Solar Lamp lighting review: Money is the bright part

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Technology is meant to make things simpler for us in life. It has played a huge role in changing the dynamics of world and with many more developments expected to happen in the coming years. Smartphone has been deemed as an indispensable part of our lives these days (hard to argue on that) but there are some aspects which need better care through.

Most of the time while travelling, you face the hurdle of staying connected to people and the surrounding which is where gadget like Sun King Pro comes to the fore with its dual-purpose functionality.

Price: Rs 1800

In the box

Solar light-bulb, light stand, solar panel, USB cable x 3, power adapter, 2800mAh battery

What is it?

As the name suggests, Sun King Pro Solar Lamp is a simple solar light, which can also charge your phone, once fully charged. The light has three brightness levels, which can be adjusted depending upon the time, whether it is day or night, or the situation you are stuck in.

Who is it for?

Frequent travelers with a taste for adventure will definitely like this device as it offers light in darkness and also is equipped with enough power to juice up your communication channels a.k.a. mobile phone etc.


It becomes a solar lamp when the circular-shaped light is fitted onto the bundled stand. The light is coloured in yellow with battery-level mark (LED), power button and USB port (hidden underneath the cover) placed on the back side of the top part. You also get a solar panel (for charging the lamp), which is an aluminum frame and glass and is said to be as per industry standard. This is bundled inside the box, which is detachable and comes along with a five-meter cable.


The built-in USB port on the light doubles as a Powerbank option for smartphone which can be carried in the backpack. The light is more than useful with its 1-2-3 brightness adjusting mode and will light up any place pretty much.

The intuitive solar meter continuously displays the charged level on a scale of 1 to 5 using bright green LEDs and during our usage, the meter never went beyond 3, which highlights the need of better sun source for the panel to tap into.

We got close to 30 hours of light switching between low, mid and high brightness levels. The company promises five years product battery life, which may sound like a big thing but for a solar-powered device, the stakes are very well poised to achieve those numbers.

On the powerbank part of the lamp, it pains to see the power provided within the device. We tried charging our phone which had juice of around 25% and after an hour’s charging, the phone went up to 35% which is rather slow for a powerbank. They can improve on that aspect with their next product variant.

The good

Effective solar light
Solar light-cum–powerbank

Tragic flaw

Stand is cumbersome to carry
Powerbank is low on output for charging

Should you buy it?

If you are looking for a light and powerbank for traveling purposes, Sun King Pro Lamp is an affordable option to consider as it has excellent return value. The light part of the device works efficiently; same can’t be said about the powerbank feature in tow. Mixed bag device with its own set of positives and deficiencies.