Two-legged humanoid robots displayed at an Android fair in Tokyo

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Sci-fi movies like Blade Runner and Terminator have always helped us imagine what humanoid robots would work or look like. Interestingly, with the technological advancement in the world, we have seen some of such concepts shaping into reality in the recent past.

And now at the four-day International Robot Exibition Japan’s capital, a pair of two-legged humanoid robots that can operate in harsh conditions like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions were displayed.

This reveals that humanoid robots with tiny heads can also help us during a situation of natural catastrophe. Wondering now these slender robots with tiny heads will work? Well, at this Android fair, the inventors showcased that these wonder machines, which have been equipped with sensor, can walk through fake debris to extinguish a fire.

The theme of this year’s event was robotic equipment for disaster relief, assisting the elderly & their caregivers, as well as for farming.

The event, which takes place once every two years in Tokyo, has attracted nearly 450 participating organisations from country like France, Britain, Russia and South Korea.

Named as HRP-2 Kai and JAXON, these two disaster-relief droids were created under the New Energy and Industrial Development (NEDO) project. NEDO is a national research organisation that came into being after a devastating earthquake and tsunami hit northern Japan in 2011.

According to an AFP report, HRP-2 Kai is 5-feet 6-inches tall and is capable of walking on a narrow board. On the other hand, JAXON is 188 cm in height. It can move forward by bending its back and putting both hands on the floor and can even walk on rough terrain.