WhatsApp iOS update: Apple iPhone users now get full-blown GIF Image Sharing Support

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GIFs and social media have indeed become BFFs as they play pivotal role in breaking news on the web, telling stories through photojournalism and giving us new ways to express our thoughts when we can’t do it in person. Android users of WhatsApp had been enjoying GIF image sharing support for a while. And now, this support for sharing GIFs has been extended to iOS users as well.

This new feature enables iOS users to select short videos or Live Photos and send them as GIFs. They can even transform existing videos into GIFs provided it is of six seconds or even lesser duration.

But to use this new feature, iPhone users have to ensure that their handsets contain WhatsApp version 2.16.15. The users can also enhance the look of the GIFS by adding a doodle, emoji, text, or caption.

Now to send a GIF, open the chat window and click on the + (Attach) icon to select a video that are less than six seconds in duration or a photo. The next step is to press the GIF that will allow users to create a loop GIF and send it to a WhatsApp user they want to share the image with. It is worth noting that the 3D Touch feature that can incorporated while creating these GIFs can used only by the users of iPhone 6s or an upgraded model.

So, iPhone users have a good time on WhatsApp by sharing interesting GIFs.