Xiaomi Mi Band 2: What we want to see

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Come July, and Xiaomi would be celebrating one year anniversary of its $13 Mi Band. It is indeed a no nonsense wearable that offers great value for money. The wearable ridicules almost everyone for making not-so-affordable wearable products as it managed to shake the market.

Fast forward to 2015 and you’ve got quite a few wearable options, breathing down on Xiaomi’s neck which is why it’s time for the ‘Apple of China’ to make its next wearable move. Mi Band 2 has been circling the rumor mills over the past few weeks and while it’s hard to suggest what Xiaomi might end up offering but here are few things that we would like to see on the Mi Band v2.0.

If you consider all these features to be bestowed on the Mi Band 2 then expect Xiaomi to price the product at much more than the $13 (or Rs 999) that we have heard of till date. Stay tuned more Mi Band 2 stories just around the corner.